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What are the advantages of epe pearl cotton for packaging?

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epe pearl cotton is widely used in the packaging industry because of its good resistance to extrusion and waterproof and moisture resistance. There are various electronic equipment packaging, household appliance packaging, cosmetics packaging, etc., which are used for various products through its superior environmental protection performance. Provide good protection. So what are the advantages of EPE pearl cotton as a common packaging material?


1. Environmental protection and no pollution

Because the well-known EPE pearl cotton manufacturers will use high-quality polyethylene foam as the main raw material, they have a high degree of credibility in environmental protection, because this material does not have any toxic side effects and stable physical and chemical properties. It does not decompose organic substances in the environment, so it will not cause pollution to the product after being used in the packaging of various products, and you can safely contact the product with the packaging intimately.

2.Strong impact resistance

Compared with other materials of foam, the reliable quality of EPE pearl cotton because of the physical foaming process, so more air bubbles in the material, as long as the use of a certain thickness of EPE pearl cotton to make packaging, it can effectively resist The shock and impact from the outside world, so many valuable goods are packaged with high-quality epe pearl cotton in order to obtain better protection.

3.Fire and flame retardant

In order to ensure the safety of epe pearl cotton packaging, an appropriate amount of flame retardant is added to the material during the production process, and polyethylene itself is not flammable, so using it as packaging can effectively improve the safety of the product. Therefore, in the event of a fire accident, the fire source and the product can be effectively isolated.