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Analysis of the classification of pearl cotton products in Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers

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In today's industrially-developed society, pearl cotton is used as a packaging for various commodities such as daily necessities. It is not affected by various climatic conditions, and has excellent weather resistance, and can be used for avoiding static electricity. It is widely used in our lives. But who knows the varieties of pearl cotton? The following introduces the classification of pearl cotton products by high-quality Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers .

1. Pearl Cotton Laminated Film Bag: Guangzhou Pearl Cotton Factory said that it is a major pearl cotton product, mainly used in electronic products, mobile phones, displays, clocks, circuit boards, etc. The types of products required for various electronic products also vary. Different, there are anti-static pearl cotton, degreased pearl cotton, multi-coated pearl cotton, etc. The use of cost-effective packaging makes the electronics industry develop rapidly.

2. The EPE profile produced by Hangzhou EPE manufacturers: EPE sheet can be processed into EPE box, EPE corner protector, EPE protector, etc. It is mainly used in the packaging of fragile glass and ceramics. Good-selling Guangzhou Pearl Cotton Factory will also apply to the fixed packaging of some products. TV angles, lighting, furniture, etc. will be applied to pearl cotton products of special shapes of pearl cotton. It effectively reduces damage in logistics and transportation, and plays a very good product protection role.

3. Pearl cotton rolls: This type of products produced by Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers are mainly used for the packaging of large items, such as furniture and mechanical products. Large items can only be packed in sheets and rolls. The packaging process is simple and easy to operate. At the same time, it saves costs and reduces the cost of secondary processing.