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How is epe pearl cotton processed?

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Epe pearl cotton, as a relatively advanced protective inner packaging material, has high elasticity, white appearance, various physical and chemical properties, and can be recycled. It has great significance for protecting the environment. There are 10 important links in the entire industrial chain, including the production and processing of pearl cotton.

These 10 links include: feeding LEPE raw material pellets, high temperature foaming, extrusion, stretching, rewinding, compounding, cutting, stamping, viscose, finished products, etc.

The raw material of pearl cotton is formed by the foam structure produced by low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming. You can see the bubble cells one by one in the pearl cotton. After adding functional raw materials, printing, slitting, and re-cotton are added. There are various types of packaging bags, such as pearl cotton compound film bags, aluminum film pearl cotton, and pearl cotton profiles.

Here the focus is on the processing of the EPE pearl cotton profile, which mainly includes cutting, stamping, viscose, and finished products.

1. Cutting: According to the corresponding production instructions and drawings, cut the composite plate into the size required by the customer's drawings. Just prepare the materials and tools such as pearl cotton sheet, cutting machine, tape measure and so on.

2. Stamping: According to the customer's drawing, the knife die punches the shaped product. Need to prepare punch, die, pearl cotton block, tape measure, etc.

3. Adhesive tape: Make the products cut by each process according to the customer's drawings and samples to make the products required by the customer. Need to prepare glue machine, rubber pellets / strips, pearl cotton material, tape measure, etc.

4. Hot air blow: Make the materials cut by each process according to the customer's drawings and samples to make the products that the customer needs. Need to prepare hot hair dryer, pearl cotton material, tape measure, etc.

5. Packaging: According to the production notice, check whether the product meets the quality requirements and confirm that it is qualified before packaging. The quantity and method of product packaging must be strictly in accordance with the requirements specified by the customer and the department. To avoid dirt caused by transportation, the appearance of the package must be neat, fastened, not damaged, and beautiful. After the work is completed, the packaged product is neatly placed in the temporary storage area of the finished product. Need to prepare packing machine, sealing tape, plastic bags, etc.