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Several development directions of foamed pearl cotton coil

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Foamed pearl cotton coils gradually occupy the first place in the product packaging industry due to its simple processing technology, low raw material and production costs, superior shock resistance and waterproof performance, and harmless environmental safety. Especially with the rise of domestic e-commerce and the increasing requirements for the express packaging and transportation industry, the development of professional foamed pearl cotton coils is constantly accelerating. According to the current market demand and situation, there are several directions for the development of foamed pearl cotton coils in the future.

1.Develop and improve product performance

With the continuous improvement of innovation and research and development technology, valuable foamed pearl cotton coils will combine more new materials or adopt new processes to further improve performance in water resistance, heat insulation and shock resistance, and may develop Thinner and thinner materials are reducing packaging materials.

2.Improve recycling processing technology

In the future, the recovery or processing technology of foamed pearl cotton coils may continue to improve, which will greatly increase the recycling rate of plastic packaging, maximize resource utilization, and continue to move towards the establishment of a resource-saving society. Of course, for companies, improving recycling technology can greatly reduce their packaging costs.

3. Develop blending technology

Through continuous research and development of foamed pearl cotton coil and plastic blending technology and new technology of plastic additives, on the basis of ensuring the safety, non-toxicity and hygiene of new plastic packaging, combined with the low cost of foamed pearl cotton coil and plastic packaging The superior performance of the material, the development of packaging materials with lower cost and better packaging performance, creating certain conditions for packaging reduction.

The above are several directions for the future development of foamed pearl cotton coils. Among them, improving its recycling technology is an inevitable development trend. With the improvement of the national consumption level, the white pollution caused by the materials used in domestic product packaging every year is very alarming. Although the foamed pearl cotton coil can degrade itself after a period of time in the ultraviolet environment, the process will inevitably cause some pressure on the environment (not as large as the traditional EPS). The above-mentioned problems can be effectively solved by the recycling technology of foamed pearl cotton coils.