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What should I pay attention to when storing EPE?

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No open flames

1. Fire-fighting equipment should be placed in and near the warehouse, and a layout map of fire-fighting equipment should be set up at an appropriate location to ensure safety.

2. Smoking and naked flames are strictly required in and around the warehouse.

3, each different product is stored separately, can not be placed randomly or all together.

4. The materials should be arranged neatly according to the category. The material name and number should be marked with "level card" and the storage location map of various materials should be drawn.

In addition to preventing fire, there are many hidden dangers:

1. Wires and wires are also the cause of fire caused by pearl cotton, so check the wires and wires frequently. Short circuits are a major cause of fire. The best advice is to keep pearl cotton away from the wiring.

2. Pearl cotton is a flammable substance. Experiments have shown that small-flammables other than open flames can also cause pearl cotton to catch fire, such as cigarettes that are about to go out.

3. Frequently discharge the items rubbed by pearl cotton, because if the charged object after friction and electrification reaches a certain level, it will discharge, which may cause the pearl cotton to catch fire.

4. When choosing a storage location, analyze the surrounding factories and see if there are any products that produce unfavorable pearl cotton.

Of course, pearl cotton also has a distinction between universal cotton and antistatic cotton. If you want to reduce the risk of fire, you can also use antistatic pearl cotton.