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Hangzhou Lin'an Lvcheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating foaming, coating, compounding, die cutting and special-shaped production and processing. The company is located at No. 279 Meiling Street, SME Park, Qingshan Lake Street, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City. Based on the concept of environmental protection and innovative design, the company is committed to developing and designing cushioning and anti-vibration packaging materials and various electronic foaming materials for customers. It aims to save costs for customers, objectively based on customer requirements, and cooperates wholeheartedly.
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Pearl cotton becomes more and more important in our lives!

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Pearl cotton is used when packaging products; pearl cotton is also used when moisture-proofing building materials; pearl cotton is also used for the elastic lining of handbags and bags; even for water lifesaving operations, etc. Also need to use pearl cotton. It can be seen that the use of pearl cotton is very extensive in everyone's daily life, and it is mainly because it has sound insulation, heat insulation, impact resistance, anti-friction, shock resistance, waterproof, anti-corrosion, moisture resistance, deformation resistance, non-toxic , No odor, easy and soft.

Pearl cotton profile not only pays attention to the good protection function, it does not need to open the injection mold, which reduces the customer's cost. It can process special-shaped packaging and cut the slice. More beautiful packaging and green environmental protection, pearl cotton is the best choice to meet these conditions. With the advancement of time and the development and application of pearl cotton plant outer packaging products from time to time, pearl cotton foaming materials will be more widely used in packaging and filling materials. After adding black antistatic agent and flame retardant to pearl cotton, its outstanding performance is even more obvious. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also effectively prevent static electricity and ignition.

The customers of Hangzhou Pearl Cotton Factory have export packaging for auto parts, egg tray food packaging, electronic small product packaging, air-conditioning electrical packaging, water entertainment product lined packaging, and light tube fragile product packaging. Wait, don't know yet, the original small pearl cotton packaging material is so versatile.

But everyone knows that the processing of pearl cotton packaging materials may have a low profit point and require mass production. In order to liberate productivity and improve efficiency, the customer may continue to increase the use of equipment in the future.