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What factors need to be considered when designing paper tray packaging?

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Regarding an environmentally friendly paper tray, it can be widely used in our lives. So what should we pay attention to in the paper tray packaging design process?

Due to the cumbersome design of paper tray packaging, the things to note are as follows:

(1) The practicality of the cavity of the paper tray and the reinforcing ribs. Because the biggest use of the paper tray is to buffer the external force to meet the requirements of protecting the product, the shape of the paper tray, that is, the design of the cavity and the ribs. To play an extremely important role. When designing, you need to focus on the convenience of production, the simplicity of processing, and the average dispersion of forces according to the shape and use of the product itself.

(2) The paper support needs to have a fixed support surface. Because the fixed support surface is the most basic in the design of the paper support, it is necessary to design the paper support reasonably. When designing, it is necessary to determine whether the packaging focuses on strength or cushioning. In short, when determining the fixed support surface of the paper tray, it is necessary to start from the actual situation and start from the product's shape, strength and center of gravity.

Finally, as for the design considerations of paper trays, Xiaobian simply explained so much. If you need to know more about paper tray products, you can leave a message on our company's official website.