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Hangzhou Lin'an Lvcheng Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating foaming, coating, compounding, die cutting and special-shaped production and processing. The company is located at No. 279 Meiling Street, SME Park, Qingshan Lake Street, Lin'an District, Hangzhou City. Based on the concept of environmental protection and innovative design, the company is committed to developing and designing cushioning and anti-vibration packaging materials and various electronic foaming materials for customers. It aims to save costs for customers, objectively based on customer requirements, and cooperates wholeheartedly.
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What are the unique properties of Hangzhou xpe foam?

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Hangzhou xpe foam is widely used due to its unique properties. You all know what properties of Hangzhou xpe foam. Maybe you will know a little, especially the friends who often use or are familiar with the characteristics of Hangzhou xpe foam. But many people only know part of it, but they don't fully understand it. Today we will give you a comprehensive introduction to the characteristics of Hangzhou xpe foam.

Hangzhou xpe foam density is small. Can reduce the weight of the car and increase the payload. It has no corrosive effect on components and packaging, which can greatly delay the service life of equipment and products. The surface is crusted, and the closed independent cell structure has low water absorption, low thermal conductivity, and good thermal insulation effect. It is a heat-insulating, sound-proof and moisture-proof business material. Strong flexibility, high elasticity, shock absorption and sound insulation.

At the same time, Hangzhou xpe foam is weather-resistant, cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, moisture-proof, and tear-resistant. Flame retardant foam has high oxygen index and good flame retardant effect. The secondary processing performance is very good. It can use the substrate itself to compound sheets of various thicknesses, and it can also be compounded with other materials into various composite materials, such as composites with metal materials such as steel plates and aluminum plates; artificial leather, plastic films, and aluminized films. , Weaving, paper and other non-metallic materials are combined into various composite materials.