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How cost-effective is pearl cotton packaging compared to other packaging materials?

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When finalizing the packaging, the packaging materials that need to be applied are pearl cotton packaging and other packaging materials. What is the difference between these two types? Some friends said that pearl cotton packaging has to save costs more than other packaging materials. So how do you save? In what ways can it be reflected, the following Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers will talk to you about the cost-effectiveness of pearl cotton packaging compared to other packaging materials?

According to the comparison of Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers, first of all, the cost of mold development, foamed pearl cotton, EVA and sponge, the molds are knife molds, which are very cheap, and can not complete the mold processing of tens to hundreds of dollars. However, the molds for blistering, blow molding and injection molding are complicated and costly, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. The cycle is also long and it takes several days or even tens of days to complete.

Secondly, Hangzhou pearl cotton manufacturers compared the production costs and found that the production processes of pearl cotton, EVA and sponge are all cut into a single piece of foamed material, and then processed into different shapes by a cutting machine and a punching machine. Bonded together by hot melt adhesive. In terms of hardware, it is a labor-intensive, semi-manual process, relatively simple, and not limited by quantity and time. However, the production process of blister, blow molding and injection molding is highly automated, debugging equipment and installing molds are time-consuming and laborious, requiring a large number of orders, and the production cost is relatively low, but it is not suitable for output of hundreds or thousands.